LETTER: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Not his favorite

In response to “His favorite person” (PDN, March 14).

Instead of bashing a newly elected house representative over her opinions, the writer should look inward at his own party which unabashedly supports a president who has actually inflicted damage on our country and on our democracy.

How do unabashed conservative values square with the current occupant of the White House who is a proven serial liar, who cheats on his wife, who thinks it’s great fun to grab women by their private parts, who takes great pride in insulting a gold star family, who denigrates a great war hero, who continuously attaches degrading nicknames to anyone who disagrees with him or opposes him, who cozies up to dictators like Putin and Duterte, who attacks our NATO allies and friends, who appears to condone violence towards his opposition, who cheated people out of thousands of dollars through his fake university, who believes the dictator Putin over his own national security officials, and who refuses to condemn the Saudi crown prince for the vicious murder of the journalist Khashoggi?

These are the things we should be talking about and I have listed only a few.

Conservatives will have a lot to answer for after Trump is long gone and it appears that there will be a lot of them.

I personally have no respect for anyone who supports a man with the character traits that I have described above.

Wake up, people.

Stan Riddle,