LETTER: Pay attention to presidential Cabinet’s actions

If it’s not too much to ask, forget about the meanderings of the president.

I know what he tweets can get us into another war that may destroy our country, but that’s only a possibility.

We have many more problems that will definitely destroy the future of our country.

These problems are directly related to all the Cabinet members the president appointed.

I’m not talking about how they are taking advantage of their positions and spending millions of our taxpayer dollars on themselves and their travels.

I’m talking about how they are systematically destroying the infrastructure of our country.

The list is too long to put in a letter to the editor, but they are quietly and effectively dismantling their departments through lack of money, staff and directly changing the way our country survives.

All of us need to pay attention to what is reported about what their agencies are doing or not doing.

Unfortunately, what is mostly reported is the misdirections of the meanderings of the president.

Stop listening to him.

He is too sick to be responsible for what he is personally doing.

Pay attention to what the secretaries in the Cabinet are doing and how you think their decisions will affect you, your family, friends and community.

Not paying attention may mean the next election will not have a chance to change the downward direction of our country.

Frank Cimino,