LETTER: Paving the way

Twanoh State Park nestles partly between a steep hillside, state Highway 106, and the Hood Canal.

Begun in 1923, it was further developed by a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) crew of young men, hired to build shelters in 1936.

One of thousands of CCC projects nationwide created by President Roosevelt’s administration to benefit unemployed young men ages 18-25, their families and the environment, Twanoh is a popular local hangout.

My mid-June stay at the campground at Twanoh preceded the heat dome which hovered over the PNW with extreme temperatures.

Luckily, a heavy quilt and long johns abated chilly nights.

Campsites are worn bare from enthusiastic use.

The large trees’ canopy encases choking wood and fuel-based campfire smoke and fumes, but also shields campers from hot afternoon sun.

Kids on bikes rule the loop road.

The work crew, in high demand, is short-staffed.

The salt water beach where we swam is now closed because of fecal bacteria contamination, maybe caused by the heat wave, keeping swarms of people and many loud vehicles away.

This park’s story reminded me of our nation’s up-and-down saga, our ability to overcome problems to strive for better lives.

Currently, challenges of lost jobs and businesses, the vaccination program, infrastructure repairs, housing shortages, climate change and voting rights, to name a few, also need assistance by a determined, caring people and a competent government.

Thank you, President Biden and Vice President Harris, for paving the way.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles