LETTER: Pave alleys

I’m confused and concerned.

Recently, paving has been done on Lauridsen Boulevard, Peabody Street and Golf Course Road.

I drive these streets often and never saw any major issues.

In the meantime many of the alleys in Port Angeles, which are often the main entrance to people’s homes, are in major disrepair.

I’ve called the city about this issue and have been told there aren’t the funds to do the repairs.

I’m mystified as to how decisions are made by the powers that be and why don’t they start with the worst situations and work their way down.

Most of the alleys are short and wouldn’t cost all that much relative to the other major work that has been done.

Please, those of you in Public Works, take a look at the many alleys that have serious issues and function as many people’s main entrance and start addressing them.

The ones off of Eunice Street, from Eighth Street heading south, are like crumbling moguls.

Jim Bourget

Port Angeles