LETTER: Opposes Robinson for Port Angeles City Council

As I drive through the streets of Port Angeles I see more and more homeless, transients, alcoholics, drug addicts, derelicts and bums on a daily basis.

As I pick up more and more garbage and human excrement left by those individuals, I have less and less compassion for them.

My guess is that most are of a mobile lifestyle.

It would appear that free “whatever” is a strong inviting factor for their presence.

It is my opinion that this problem will only worsen until the City Council and city manager take a proactive approach to discourage their presence and lifestyle.

It will take actions — not talk — to address this problem.

“Doc” Robinson, who is currently running for the City Council, is listed as being in charge of Serenity House.

It would appear that in his presence on the City Council he would use his position to enhance and possibly enlarge the scope of Serenity House.

That would likely lead to a larger population of the above-described street people.

I will vote for another person for City Council.

John W. Procter,

Port Angeles