LETTER: Opposes public education

We have large and growing problems in this country.

One of the biggest ones is the sad and deteriorating state of our public education systems.

This downward trend has been going on for generations.

Basic English and math proficiency have dropped.

History has been twisted beyond recognition.

Our country, compared with any other, has a lot of history to be proud of, but I think it is being swept under the rug and replaced with politically and socially correct indoctrination.

I heard recently that a Sequim teacher who told her classes that Donald Trump is a horrible human.

A teacher should be allowed to think that, but not to pass it like fact to her students.

As the cost of education has gone up, the quality has not followed.

The cost, from buildings to administrators, to teachers and unions and beyond has steadily increased.

I think the unions, with support from government and media, are much more concerned with expanding their own numbers and financial well-being than in improving the education provided to the students.

For anyone interested in this, I would urge them to read two recent books by Thomas Sowell, “Charter Schools and Their Enemies” and “Education Assumptions Versus History.”

We need to know what is going on and to do something about it.

Ron Grotjan


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