LETTER: Not healthy debate

By wearing an incendiary T-shirt, the mayor of Sequim, Mr. William Armacost, told me, and anyone who doesn’t agree with him, to get the F- out.

Yet, he ends his explanation (PDN, May 9) with, “Obviously the hate component (is alive); we used to have a healthy debate.”

In the same article, he also calls people who disagree with him “goons.”

A debate is a forum to exchange ideas; calling names and insisting that people agree with you is not part of a “healthy debate.”

His T-shirt and attitude leave no room for debate.

No doubt his latest faux pas will make the regional or national news.

It reflects poorly on our community and businesses.

He says he has lost a lot of money due to his views. Are the local Sequim businesses ready to go down that financial drain with him?

I personally, and I suspect many fellow goons, wouldn’t go out of my way to stop and shop in a town represented by Mr. Armacost.

Susan Kalmar