LETTER: Not afraid to talk

I’d like to clear up any confusion resulting from my picture on the Peninsula Daily News website, talking with the armed men at the protest in Sequim.

After protesting police abuses, I decided to walk across the street to talk with the other side.

I figured everyone on my side of the street already agrees with me.

If I go talk to them, I may be convincing, or I may learn something.

Either way, I win.

Our efforts to make changes occur means we have to make a convincing case to people who disagree with us.

To end division, we must engage in dialogue.

Not being willing to walk across the street and argue respectfully to me seems lame and ineffective.

If you think you’re right, you need to be persuasive.

Chanting and sign waving is fine and necessary, but not enough.

Conversation is all we have, otherwise we have to fight.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your neighbors who disagree with you.

Bob Stacey


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