LETTER: No information

Shame on the following candidates for elected office who did not submit even a shred of information about themselves in the Jefferson County Official Local Voters’ Pamphlet:

Peter W. Hanke, Nikki Hay, Carol Young, Sandra Wells-Kalama, Shirley Towne, Paul Mahan, Mike Aman, Jennifer James-Wilson, Kevin Hinchen, Ron Hurn, Deborah Stinson, Melody Bacchus, Jason Gleason, Justin Matheson, Ford Kessler, Tony Romberg, James Boyd, Dennis Schmitt and Larry Robinson.

I’ve never know so little about so many candidates.

Your withholding of this information speaks volumes about how you will serve the public in elected office.

It is the height of arrogance to withhold this information, and I hope everyone similarly withholds their vote for you.

Diana Levin

Port Hadlock