LETTER: Never-Trumpers

The never-Trumpers are very vocal.

More than one member of Congress called for impeachment just after inauguration.

That’s abuse of power.

Warrants to conduct surveillance on members of Trump’s election campaign were approved by a secret court. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith may be charged with crimes for altering a critical document used to secure at least one warrant. The Steele dossier, an attempt to dig up dirt on Trump, was a main justification for this counter-intelligence investigation.

It was compiled by foreign spy and former FBI-paid informant Christopher Steele.

Steele was paid also by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

That dossier is widely reported to be made-up, unverified falsehoods.

Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director, testified before congress that without the dossier warrants wouldn’t have been approved.

Then for some two years Trump haters held out hope that Robert Mueller would deliver the goods for impeachment.

That was the Russian collusion delusion.

It backfired.

In a purely partisan vote, the House of Representatives recently voted to impeach the president, yet is declining to forward two articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial.

Another stunt, given Democrats’ claims of urgency amid swift completion of their inquiry.

Initial impeachment crimes reportedly were quid pro quo, bribery and obstruction of justice.

It ended with two broad claims.

Trump is a political giant.

Hatred of Trump has exposed many, including news media, as Lilliputians.

Richard Lohrman


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