LETTER: Most qualified

Heather Jeffers, candidate for District 2 hospital commissioner, is an experienced health care provider.

At a recent candidate meeting, her opponent, Karen Rogers, accused her of conflict of interest because of being a health care provider.

Jeffers works at a non-Olympic Medical Center facility where some OMC patients might be admitted after discharge.

The job of hospital commissioner has zero decision-making power over where patients go when they leave the hospital.

Don’t let this attempted smokescreen obscure the fact that Jeffers knows health care issues from the ground up.

Working in a health care facility, she knows first hand the physical and emotional toll illness takes on a patient and their families.

Jeffers meets the everyday challenges of finding and keeping qualified caretakers and meeting government reimbursement rules, while delivering patient care in this particularly difficult time.

In other words, her experience is not a conflict of interest but rather what makes her the most qualified candidate to be an OMC commissioner.

Betsy Robins

Port Angeles