LETTER: Memories

I have read the PDN since 1963. I particularly enjoy John McNutt’s “Back When.”

His piece, “Family Moves Past Devastating Events” brought back the south Bellingham childhood memory of my interaction with Edward R. Murrow, or more precisely, with him and his 1941 Lincoln Town Car, one of the last such cars built until 1947 when automobiles once again became available to the public following WWII.

Like many folks at that time, Murrow did not lock his car.

Also, I recollect that his Lincoln had no door handles; Just big, round, shiny, attractive push buttons which sprang the doors open when pushed by small hands.

We kids were entranced.

Our game became push the button, close the door, repeat.

That lasted until the great man, whom we had never seen before, hollered from his parents’ porch before stomping down the walk and across the street to very sternly lock his beautiful vehicle.

He never called our misbehavior to the attention of any of our parents, but I recognized his voice when my mom listened to his broadcasts.

She had cause.

Our dad had re-enlisted in the U.S. Navy in January 1941, 10 months before Pearl Harbor.

He made it through, although one uncle didn’t.

Dave Woodruff

Port Ludlow