LETTER: McComas supports Planned Parenthood, death with dignity

Once more, Bruce McComas’ campaign is confronted with misstatements circulating through the voting community about his background, his experience and his beliefs.

One of the more recent untruths: Bruce does not believe in a woman’s right to choose, nor in the concept of death with dignity.

Bruce is a firm supporter of Planned Parenthood.

He believes that every woman should have the right to choose and that no one should come between her and her doctor.

He also believes that same principle applies to the issue of death with dignity.

No one should come between someone who is making this difficult decision and his or her doctor.

Not only are these issues the law in the state of Washington, but they are beliefs that Bruce has held for many years.

This is a race for a hospital commissioner for a small rural hospital in a small county.

How did it become so contentious?

The down-and-dirty of bigger political arenas should have no place here.

When this is over, we must all live and work together as a loving, forgiving, community-spirited town.

In these last weeks before the election, could we please stop telling lies?

Cameron McPherson,

Port Townsend