LETTER: Massive job ahead

President Biden, as of Jan. 20, has a massive job of getting our government operational.

Not only does he have to accomplish the task, in the artificially short period the current president has given him, of getting the best people to allow our country survive, but he has to spend what is an unnecessary amount of time fixing the irrational activities of the current president to damage the ability of our country to advance the government to help the people.

One hoped that the current president would see the need to make the transition period a time that President Biden could, on his first day, advance the stability of our country.

However, that was too much to expect from a man who has been incapable of making any decision that did not put him first his whole life.

Please, President Biden, use all your presidential powers to give our country a chance to survive the national crisis the current president has maliciously thrust upon us.

Frank Cimino


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