LETTER: Man’s injustice imposed on natural world

Soon will be an observance, a prelude to the upcoming Global Climate Summit [Sept. 12-14] being held in San Francisco.

As we Rise For Climate, Jobs and Justice on Sept. 8, we must recognize the injustice that has been imposed on the natural world.

We have become the arbiters of destiny and own the responsibility for the consequences of our behavior.

Our southern resident orcas are on the brink of extinction and we have failed to protect them, failed to ensure their survival.

If we do not take immediate action to restore the salmon population to sustain the orca, then we will have doomed them.

We must disrupt the model and mechanisms of their demise, no matter the cost.

We must recognize that for every orca lost, we sever our connections to the natural world, hollow ourselves out and become less as men.

If we cannot weep for the orca, who will weep for us?

Brian Grad,


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