LETTER: Louella Lawrence story missed her spiritual side

That was a very good story about the life of Louella Lawrence and her great presence in the life of Port Angeles.

Missing, however, was her spiritual side which also reflected in her business life.

Fifty years ago she started a study group which became “Unity in the Olympics” with the belief that “God is love” and accepts all religions, faiths, cultures and life styles, according to local historian Alice Alexander.

Her encouragement and lifelong support to finding one’s personal inner connection to God gave many a new and better vision of life.

Those of us at Unity will be forever grateful for her vision, expression and active support.

If her health had not failed I am sure she would have become active in the “Interfaith Community” promoting listening, talking and trying to understand all faiths which is necessary for peace in this world.

It was good to know and love you, Lou.

Marguerite Snell,

Port Angeles