LETTER: Listen to the whole story, not just part

I don’t often read Michelle Malkin.

I don’t mind that she is printed in the Peninsula Daily News; I support freedom of expression of all sides of an issue.

I am often disappointed in her point of view because I read her as taking one angle and building it into a case to discredit an entire effort.

Until now, the best example was her accusing Michelle Obama’s comprehensive eating and fitness program to prevent or intervene in childhood obesity as the government’s intention to withhold cookies from children.

One recent column, “Beware The Rape Allegation Bandwagon,” was intended to diminish the women who voiced an experience with sexual harassment in the workplace by comparing it to shouting rape.

Rape is a serious crime, and I agree that evidence and trials need to prove the allegation before the accused is believed guilty and sent to jail.

Using power to touch, fondle and solicit further unreciprocated intimacy is a serious offense, one that flourishes in an environment of silence.

Men and women need to pay attention to the voices that of late are proving true.

We need to start by listening to the whole story — unless, of course, we wish it to continue.

Bertha D. Cooper,