LETTER: Liberals’ weak foreign policy agenda has undermined stability in the Middle East

A recent letter writer got it wrong when he blamed the situation on the media’s disengagement.

Why are liberals never liable for the results of their actions?

First, it was all George W. Bush’s fault.

Now, after 7½ years of liberal and progressive policies, the media is to blame.

A Sept. 19 writer to Peninsula Voices (“Media to blame”) claims rising world terrorism, Chinese and Russian belligerence, and North Korea’s nuclear ambitions are caused by insufficient media coverage.

The media is not to blame, and here is what really happened:

By 2009, Gen. David Petraeus had humiliated al-Qaida in Iraq by turning the Sunni Muslims against them and forcing them out of Iraq into Syria. In 2011, the Obama administration removed all American combat forces from Iraq and the terrorists returned to Iraq under the new name of ISIS.

With American disengagement, the Middle East deteriorated into civil wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

This has resulted in the worst refugee problem in Europe since World War II.

Russian, Chinese and North Korean aggression was increased by the Democrats’ meek foreign policies towards them.

President Obama’s foreign policy advisers did not understand the basic rule learned by diplomats during the 1930s and the Cold War.

That is: Projecting weakness to your enemy is a provocation in itself.

That is why Russia is in Crimea, Ukraine and Syria.

That is why China is building sand islands in the South China Sea.

That is why North Korea views us as a paper tiger.

Unfortunately, liberals are always judged by their intentions, not by the results of their actions.

Len Grim,