LETTER: Let’s make like a good person and help out our fellow man

I believe that if Donald Trump or the U.S. sticks its nose into places that I believe have very little — no, nothing — to do with national security, we’re setting our nation up for a fall from prosperity.

My issues are with Russians giving, selling or trading nuclear materials to Iran.

The CIA was able to slow Iran down by hacking, or messing up, its computer system [the “Stuxnet” attack] that controlled their centrifuges, which caused them to fail.

This religion thing, war, has been going for many years.

I pray — which for me is to a higher power, call it what you want — and sure hope that this is the proper direction that Mr. Trump’s administration has us on.

I have voted for the Republican side for years.

I sure as hell did not vote for Trump.

I believe we as a nation have many issues to deal with, and meddling in others’ affairs could be our own demise.

Come on, people, many Americans can get along with less so there is more to go around for all.

Trump is beyond understanding the folks living paycheck to paycheck.

After all, I bet most did not get a small loan of $1 million to “get started,” like Mr. Trump did from his father.

Say, let’s all be good Christians and help out our fellow man, be the person a Christian, Muslim or what have you.

We all live here on Mother Earth, and if we anger Mother Earth, as we’re doing now, heaven forbid.

Eric Miller,