LETTER: Let me also raise my voice in support of keeping Michelle Malkin as a columnist

I would like to add my voice to those who want to keep Friday columnist Michelle Malkin in the Peninsula Daily News.

I value her insightful, illuminating discussions of important things many others don’t ever talk about.

I find her work thoughtful, intelligent, well-supported and interesting.

Her tone may be angry at times, but she is not hateful or dishonest.

People complain about conservative columnists in general about their so-called hateful, racist, right-wing extremism.

These claims are never true.

They are never substantiated by any examples or arguments.

It’s simply the only accusation that the opponents of conservatives ever use.

I loathe the left-wing writers featured in the PDN.

It makes me sick to read them.

They fling the most hateful, vile, dishonest accusations at conservatives all day long.

But I tolerate their nonsense in the name of free speech.

Unlike them, I’m not asking the Peninsula Daily News to exclude voices I don’t like.

I’m asking the PDN to not to exclude the intelligent, effective, counterpoint voices like Michelle Malkin’s.

The Peninsula Daily News needs her, and one or two more like her.

Michael A. Higbee,

Port Angeles