LETTER: Legalization of abortions does not make it right


Being pro-choice does not allow one to pick and choose only those statements out of context made by another to support their argument [“Right to choice,” Peninsula Voices, July 7].

Like Paul Harvey would say, “Now, the rest of the story …”

The writer challenged us to review St. Thomas Aquinas’ position on abortion.

I did.

In the 13th century Aquinas stated, based on 13th century science, at the time of “ensoulment” life began (as did Aristotle: 40 days for boys/80 days for girls when “animation” began).

But what did Thomas say about abortion?

Aquinas referred to Exodus 21-22 in the Bible when he said that the killing of a pregnant woman, which included either the death of the woman or the animated fetus, was guilty of homicide.

I believe that science in the 21st century has shown that “life” begins at conception, according to a Northwestern University study outlined on www.foxnews.com (http://tinyurl.com/PDN-SparkOfLife).

Legalization of abortions does not make it right.

Taking a drink versus taking a life — the writer compared making abortion illegal to Prohibition — how callous have we become.

Jim Hanley,