LETTER: Law and Order?

Yeah, we need to have some more skull cracking, fascist-type of Law and Order.

Sieg heil, Trump, sieg heil the Republican Party and, of course, I’m being facetious.

But if you ask me to define the difference between conservative and liberal thinking about Law and Order, I’d say that conservatives tend to have a sectarian, closed mind set.

For them it’s not about solutions, to understand the problems at hand, it’s all about beating those problems with a club.

And of course it’s highly suspicious that the clubbing business is very profitable and we all know that if you’re rich and white, then “no problem sir,” but not white, not rich, well, tough luck guy.

Whereas the Progressive aim is to thoughtfully get at the root of our problems, problems like poverty, both economic and psychological, the filthy lucre (greed) problem, problems like over population and the attendant global warming. Progressives seek to understand these problems, then take action, thoughtful, rational action, not dragging knuckles and beating scapegoats with club.

Jeff Shamp

Port Angeles

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