LETTER: Jefferson’s Prop 1 small yet big investment for community

Are you concerned about rising rents and housing prices?

Do you know someone who has had trouble finding an affordable place to live?

Do you want to support local school teachers, firefighters, police and grocery clerks?

Have you seen lots of yard signs about Proposition 1?

Are you confused about how to vote?

I have lived in Jefferson County for 16 years.

In that time, rents and housing prices have soared.

I am concerned about the folks in our community who have been displaced and can’t find a place to live.

I am pleased that every housing agency in the county of which I am aware is endorsing Proposition 1.

Those folks are in the trenches, providing housing assistance daily.

They are aware that the programs they operate can’t begin to fill the need. They know that there has been lots of talk.

But there has not been another proposal in which the public can invest a small amount of their money to provide seed money for affordable housing for so many.

They are excited about the opportunities Prop 1 presents for them to help meet the need, according to the website www.homesnowjefferson.org.

Will you consider investing a small amount of your monthly income to help your neighbor?

Will you join me in voting for Proposition 1?

Carla Main,

Port Townsend