LETTER: Jefferson should step up for affordable housing with Prop 1

I believe every one of us has inherent worth that we all deserve the dignity of housing that we can afford; that it should be a human right for all and not just a privilege for some.

Having worked with our community’s most vulnerable members — mentally ill, chemically dependent, single mothers, children, veterans and victims of violence — I’ve become witness to their struggle with housing.

Without it, they are not able to meet their basic needs of safety and access to health care.

I believe it’s our responsibility to do something about that.

It’s true that there are programs to support the people I work with, but the reality is that even those who qualify and receive housing vouchers or funding are unable to use them.

There is simply not enough housing.

Proposition 1 will address this by creating a fund to develop affordable housing in Jefferson County.

If we want to live in a thriving and sustainable community, Prop 1 is the first step.

Our neighbors need us to step up.

Vote “yes” on Prop 1.

Vote “yes” for housing justice.

Brian Richardson,

Port Townsend

Richardson is an addiction counselor in Port Townsend.