LETTER: Jefferson County’s Prop 1 would help more than ‘working poor’

People in the county have been talking for years and years about the lack of affordable housing here because the need is so obvious.

I’ve gone to meeting after meeting on this subject.

Jefferson County Proposition 1 is directed at what some people refer to as “the working poor.”

They can’t afford the rents here, let alone the houses, according to news reports.

They are often young families who want to move here for a job, or people who are going to have to move away because they can no longer afford the housing costs.

What to do?

We could raise their wages so they could afford the housing costs.

We could accept that young families in particular are not able to live here because of the housing costs.

Or we could vote for Proposition 1 — the housing levy — which would be a significant start at creating affordable housing after all these years of jawing.

Just take the time to vote.

And thank you to those people who are living near the edge yourselves but want to help meet this community need.

Frank Hoffman,

Port Townsend