LETTER: Jeff Randall for Jefferson Public Utility District commissioner

Jeff’s leadership, teammwork and willingness to listen to others’ perspectives will get my vote.

Leadership and oversight for the provision of basic, necessary-to-life services is the province of our Jefferson County Public Utility District commissioners’ work.

It is good to know that there is a leadership group that is minding both the present and the future needs of our community.

That’s where my advocacy for Jeff Randall’s candidacy for Jefferson County PUD District 1 commissioner comes into play.

As the recently retired Port Townsend School District schools superintendent, I’ve spent many hours working with Jeff on several important community projects.

I’d characterize this work as building our commonwealth for the future.

Jeff participated in this work as a volunteer community member who saw the need for leadership and action.

He now seeks to become part of a leadership team that has equally important work to do for our community’s future.

Jeff does his research.

He will dig into the details while never losing sight of the big picture.

From that background work, he will push his teammates’ thinking in a gracious but insistent manner.

Next, Jeff will probe and listen to those with different perspectives than his in order to fully understand the complexities and trade-offs of any decisions that have to be made.

Finally, he will approach this leadership work with an energy, spirit and sensibility about the future that will benefit our community at every turn.

He is a person focused on accomplishment for our community and wears the mantle of leadership with humility and integrity.

He will roll up his sleeves and do this common work of the world with intelligence and energy.

David Engle,

Port Townsend