LETTER: It’s time to support levies and build the schools our students need

We live in a proud community that supports its youth.

That is one of our legacies.

Generations return to raise their children here and people ask me why.

Family and community are why.

You see generations building teams with our youth on fields, on tracks, at the ridge and in schools.

Our legacy lives each spring when scholarships at the Port Angeles High School are presented to proud graduating seniors.

Families are grateful and know the local businesses, organizations, vocational trades and family names behind scholarships that are historical in our community and filled with meaning.

Whether you are new to our community, or fortunate enough to have long roots here, you are part of the fabric that makes Port Angeles beautiful.

We need everyone to stand together and the time is now.

It is time to build the schools our youth deserve.

Time to have schools that are warm, current, safe and support our excellent educational school system.

The time is now for our proud community to stand behind the sports achievement and educational recognition our school staff and students have earned.

It is time to build the schools we deserve for instructional opportunities for each and every student and our school staff. We cannot wait another year to meet our duty, our responsibility, our lasting legacy.

Our capital levy represents our commitment to future generations.

We can stand shoulder to shoulder building schools and leave the legacy Port Angeles deserves.

Together we must and the time is now.

Mary Roblan Hebert,

Port Angeles

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