LETTER: It’s time for the Port Angeles City Council to move on from fences

There are more issues at play in the recent Port Angeles City Council meeting where Cherie Kidd et al. attempted to unseat Mayor Sissi Bruch.

Kidd fanned the flames of the issue by urging residents to attend the meeting despite the mayor removing the item from the agenda and apologizing.

Kidd also stated Mayor Bruch “misrepresented our community statewide.”

I’m fairly certain the rest of the state has its own problems and are not tuning in to see what happens next in this mini drama out west on the Olympic Peninsula.

I am a Vietnam-era veteran and the notion I am dishonored by the mayor wanting to have a discussion about replacing the artwork with something less militaristic is preposterous.

I don’t agree with the mayor on the issue but it was her opinion and I respect that. I feel the main issue at work here is an undercurrent of personal vendettas by members of the City Council and nothing more.

The council members should focus their energy on the most urgent problems facing our community; namely drug use and homelessness. Let us move on.

Bill Averill,

Port Angeles

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