LETTER: Is it a plot?

It is well known that Republicans, more so than Democrats, forgo wearing masks and avoid COVID-19 vaccinations.

I, consequently, feel that the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions by Gov. Inslee is suspiciously premature.

So I pose a question: Is the lifting of the restrictions on masks and close gatherings a left-wing plot to cull libertarian and anti-vax conservatives from the population?

I’m not a hard-line conspiracy theorist and am doubtful that any plot to expose conservatives to disease exists.

Perhaps, though, if you are conservative, a libertarian, a white supremacist, Trumpian or follow QAnon, do not let the left-wingers destroy you.

Just to be on the safe side, and to thwart Inslee, get vaccinated or at least wear a mask.

Stay alive to fight the hard fight.

Thomas Rogers

Port Angeles

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