LETTER: I’m for Dave Neupert because, as he says, he ‘loves the law’

Everything about that statement showcases the Clallam Superior Court judge candidate’s qualifications and best qualities.

I am voting for Dave Neupert for Clallam County Superior Court judge (Position 2), and I urge other voters to caste their ballots for him as well.

Here’s why.

We have two very well-regarded, experienced candidates for this position, but one thing really hit home for me when I heard Dave Neupert talk about why he’s running and what he wants to do when elected.

I listened to Dave outlining his experience, his qualifications and some of his ideas for updating and improving how Superior Court handles its caseload.

Then he said, “I love the law,” and everything about that statement and his subsequent elaboration said this was someone whose intellect, compassion, empathy and common sense would ensure the just resolution of any case before him.

And, indeed, the endorsements he has from across the legal profession and the political spectrum showcase his record in doing just that.

I believe Dave will bring a fresh, new perspective to the Superior Court, one that will benefit the court, the administration of justice and all citizens.

Ken Stringer,