LETTER: I refuse to watch NFL or buy team gear while they disrespect country

I recently attended a memorial where most of the attendees were all former military members.

We were all sitting around large tables having a bite to eat when the subject of National Football League players came up.

To a man, we said we will never watch football games, except college, until the NFL gets their act together.

The thought of multimillionaire jerks openly disrespecting our flag and our country at a sporting event is unacceptable.

These men — and I use that term loosely — are supposed to be good examples and role models for our sons and daughters.

In the past, we have seen them connected with assaults, infidelity, spousal abuse, drunk driving and even murder.

What wonderful examples they are.

They claim to be fighting for equality for minorities, but I find that hard to believe.

I realize that a gap does exist, but I also feel that they are driving a wedge into that gap even further by their disrespectful actions.

An equal amount of blame should go to the NFL for going along with these guys.

I completely agree with the president over his remarks.

My hope is that enough people will refuse to watch, attend or buy NFL gear to the degree that it will impact the income of owners, sponsors and the NFL.

Money talks, and this is really only about money.

Sid Gerling,