LETTER: Hillary Clinton a ‘repulsive’ human being

The November election is our only chance to turn around the country and prevent her from presiding over it.

Hillary Clinton is a total failure at virtually everything she has done in public life.

In eight full years as senator from New York, she did not successfully pass one single piece of legislation of any significance.

As secretary of state, every major foreign affairs policy she pushed was a disaster — Russia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt — they’re all a mess today.

She has clearly illustrated her total lack of judgment by exposing top secret information to the world and with the conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation.

Her two “accomplishments”: She married a future president and has so far been able to avoid prosecution for destruction of evidence.

She has nothing positive to run on, so her only strategy is to demonize, lie and resort to the standard Democratic Party strategy of character assassination.

It’s old but sadly works on the uninformed.

The woman is the ultimate establishment insider-political-hack, an arrogant, condescending and utterly repulsive person.

The goal of Democrats appears not to be the improvement of Americans but rather to make as many as possible dependent serfs of government so they will continue to vote for the big-government Democrats and keep them in power indefinitely.

Democrats have destroyed inner cities throughout America; this party is a cancer on our good country.

The only reason someone could vote for Hillary or a Democrat is out of gross ignorance of what they represent.

I pray enough Americans wise up before November, because the choice we have is more continued decline or a chance for renewal.

This may be our last chance.

Greg Carroll,