LETTER: Here’s why your vote really does matter

• To stop the people, special interests and corporations who are relentlessly using our political system to take what they want and make everybody else pay for it.

• To stop our elected representatives from being bought by special interests.

• To stop the “good green people” from making laws that will keep everyone but themselves from recreating in our national forests and public land.

• To stop big, profit-driven corporations from paying such low wages that workers have to get a second job to support a home and family.

• To convince our elected representatives to put the medical industry “on trial” to find out why we are all getting overcharged for medical care.

• To stop the political establishment in Washington, D.C., which consists of political parties, lobbyists, special interests, big corporations, industries and professions, from benefiting themselves as our national debt grows out of control.

• To get our elected representatives to actually do something about the epidemic of identity theft and cyberwarfare.

• To stop the banking and investment industries from creating another global recession.

• To stop all special-interest judges.

• To make sure we don’t have another administration making policy decisions after watching politically correct situation comedies on TV.

• To stop our politically correct government or U.N. agency from taking our constitutional rights away.

• To ensure that the employees of our government agencies care for the citizens instead of the bureaucracy.

Our power to stop or change things is our vote.

John Usher,

Port Angeles