LETTER: Help turn this blue state red Nov. 8

Hillary Clinton’s governance machine would control us in a matter of weeks.

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Hillary has no conscience and Donald no manners.

Hillary is a 30-year veteran of big government; Donald wants to smash it to pieces.

Hillary successfully talks out of both sides of her mouth and amasses half a nation to support her in whatever.

The Donald tells you what he thinks every time, like it or not.

Hillary advocates for open borders.

Donald wants to build a big wall and shut down the flow of heroin.

If you put a million dollars in front of Hillary and Trump for a full night, Hillary’s would be gone in the morning, and she would blame it on a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Trump’s pile of money would double.

Do you like dynasties in governments in which people never go away and become multimillionaires? Talk about trickle-down economics.

Or would you like to see our country strong and resolute?

Nobody likes America, in case you haven’t heard, except for the money part.

Where does that money come from?

Trump says to earn it; Hillary trades it for personal gain.

I am a conservative.

My main concern is fiscal responsibility in government.

With Hillary, this will never be the case.

Addiction to cash and power trumps all, even sex.

My health care costs have quadrupled, my stance on fairness is in shambles and I have become a third-party advocate.

There are no more Republicans.

Their guts hold the liquor of adulation, not courage.

Clinton’s machine will show us who is in control in a couple of weeks.

God help America.

We really need it now.

Please turn this blue state red.

Robert A. Beausoleil,

Port Angeles