LETTER: Help sought bumblebee information gathering

I enjoyed your very nice article, “Project tracks paths of pollinators,” June 4.

I am a citizen scientist volunteer for the Bumble Bee Atlas in Clallam County.

Bumble Bee Watch appreciates incidental sightings of our native bumble bees from everyone, even if not an official citizen scientist.

Please take a cellphone or digital camera photo of the bumble bee on the flower and upload to www.bumblebeewatch.org.

Observations by hikers in Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park are especially valuable.

Please make a note of the date, time, type of flower and exact location (latitude and longitude), if possible.

Garden photos of a bumble bee on a flower are also useful.

This is a study of bumble bees only.

Honey bees and other species of bees are not included.

Bumblebees can be identified by their fat, furry bodies and by comparing them to pictures on the Bumble Bee Watch website.

Thank you for contributing to the knowledge and preservation of our native bumble bee pollinators.

Wendy Goldberg,