LETTER: Has to be better location for clinic than Sequim

I’m opposed to the proposed medication-assisted treatment clinic in Sequim because we all deserve better.

Substance users deserve a better location, closer to a hospital where care is always available, smaller local clinics and residential treatment centers where people can live because such a dramatic life change takes time and constant support.

Sequim residents deserve to keep the character they have developed for their town without being challenged by a large regional substance user clinic.

Sequim’s senior residents are too vulnerable for the type of crime that often accompanies substance users.

Remember not all who start a program like the proposed medication-assisted treatment clinic will continue with it.

Some of the users select this treatment only as an alternative to prison.

Some start it with the intention of only getting their heroin dose down to a more manageable level.

Some will continue to use other drugs in addition to their MAT drugs.

Some will get kicked out of the program.

Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe Chairman Ron Allen once mentioned he wanted to move the dental clinic to Sequim, closer to their medical clinic.

Why not put the MAT clinic in their current dental clinic in Blyn and move the dental clinic to their Sequim property?

There has to be a better solution than to continue with this project location and antagonize those who live, work and shop in Sequim.

Nancy Humleker,