LETTER: Gun legislation doesn’t stop criminals

Regarding “Upholding The Law” (PDN, March 20), the NRA is over 5 million citizens of the USA who vote.

The latest group of anti-gun bills passed by the Washington state Legislature does nothing to hinder criminals with guns.

Any reasonable person reading the bills can see that. It only affects citizens who own guns.

It is estimated that over 65 million households are gun owners in the U.S.

Every time unreasonable gun laws are passed, more of those households join the NRA.

As for the idea of the sheriff of Clallam County resigning, he is the most effective and efficient sheriff we have had in the 30 years I have lived here.

If anyone in this state needs to resign for dereliction of duty it would be the attorney general, the governor or the mayor of Seattle.

They have destroyed Seattle, which is now a drug-infested sanctuary city.

Bill Shepherd,

Diamond Point