LETTER: Gun initiative would needlessly overburden law-abiding citizens

Initiative 1639 mandates concealed carry permits before handgun purchases.

For semi-automatic rifles purchases, individuals older than 21 must acquire an “enhanced background check,” requiring applicants’ state certification of completed firearm safety training within the last five years from a government authorized agency, “nationally recognized organization” or a “nationally recognized” organization’s instructors.

After a $25 fee, signing detailed identification paperwork and 10 business days, the purchase completes.

Those younger than 21, including those risking their lives during military service, can use their semi-automatic rifles only on their property.

Contrastingly, Washington’s 15-year-olds can medically abort their babies without parent notification.

Might I-1639 promoters be trying to restrict your God-given right to self-defense hold bias against Second Amendment organizations’ training schools and instructors, such as the NRA authorizes?

If I-1639 becomes law, what’s to prevent DOL (Department of Licensing) from limiting training to only government agencies or prevent government trainers from politically discriminating about who passes safety training schools?

I-1639 mandates DOL shall yearly or more frequently, “Verify … that persons who acquired pistols or semiautomatic assault rifles … remain eligible” to possess them.”

“If such persons are determined to be ineligible for any reason,” law enforcement will receive notification.

If a burglar commits a crime with your pistol or semi-automatic rifle, stolen from your locked home, you become a Class C felon if you “knew or reasonably should have known” and did not report within five days.

Progressives’ authoritarian I-1369 needlessly overburdens only law-abiders and increases their vulnerability to unaffected law-breakers.

Reject I-1639.

Susan Shotthafer,

Port Angeles

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