LETTER: Gun initiative won’t stop criminals or gun violence

According to the Associated Press article on Page A5 in Sunday’s edition of the Peninsula Daily News concerning I-1639, the Washington Supreme Court ruling, written by Justice Mary Fairhurst, states that there is no requirement to block a measure based on the readability and formatting of the measure’s text, and the Secretary of State Kim Wyman states that her priority is a citizen’s right to make an informed use of the initiative process after she certified the ballots.

Which appears to presuppose that it’s OK for Michael Bloomberg’s front group, The Alliance for Gun Responsibility, to use subversive, seditious methods to get signatures and it’s a citizen’s right to make an informed decision based on text that is basically unreadable and confusing.

The Alliance describes the initiative “as a comprehensive gun violence prevention measure that addresses a number of issues.”

The issues as stated in AP articles would raise the age of purchasing a semi-automatic rifle to 21, expand background checks, require firearm safety training and require standards for storing firearms.

What is omitted is that it would establish a state registry of firearms, impose a $25 fee on purchases and require “warnings” for firearm purchases.

What is overlooked is that criminals, by definition, disregard laws.

The initiative would not stop them in their pursuit of crime.

What it would do is put senseless, burdensome restrictions on lawful gun owners while the anti-Second Amendment gun prohibitionists feel they “have done something.”

Even if it does nothing to prevent gun violence.

Roger M. Foszcz,

Port Angeles

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