LETTER: Grateful to Berry

The Sequim Good Governance League (SGGL) is very grateful that Dr. Allison Berry, Clallam and Jefferson County public health officer, is working on our behalf, and we have every confidence in her decisions.

Tired as we are of restrictions, we understand that the delta variant spreads much more easily than the alpha variant of last year. It only makes sense that people who go into public places to eat and drink unmasked should be vaccinated.

We are also grateful that Gov. Jay Inslee ordered that those who work in health care or with children must be vaccinated. Children are especially vulnerable to COVID, as many cannot be protected by the vaccination. People seeking help with health conditions are also especially vulnerable to the effects of COVID.

Until lately, the measures taken in Clallam and Jefferson counties, and public support of them, have protected us from the worst of the pandemic. Our soaring numbers and the strain on our health care system are evidence that we must do more.

Dr. Berry’s decision is what good governance looks like: Qualified people doing their research, consulting with those affected, and making decisions that protect public health and safety. It has always been a legitimate purpose of government to protect public health and safety, even if it limits our activity.

This is our time to pull together to support decisions made by our public officials. Even though they may inconvenience us, they can slow or stop the community spread of COVID.

Dale Jarvis,

SGGL board member

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