LETTER: Getting money out of politics key in this election

Corporate power and money in politics are at the root of the biggest challenges we face: unaffordable health care, mounting student debt, skyrocketing wealth inequality, climate change inaction and the erosion of our democracy.

Among voters 63 percent passed Initiative 735 proposing a constitutional amendment reversing Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United and clarifying that constitutional rights belong only to natural persons not artificial entities such as corporations or unions.

Move to Amend volunteers sent information to all candidates, then asked at candidate forums if they would pledge their support for this constitutional amendment.

U.S. Representative

Derek Kilmer (D) co-sponsored House Joint Resolution 48 (with the language of I-735) in this session of Congress and will renew his support when it is reintroduced next year.

Douglas Dightman (R) was not familiar with HJR 48 and would not commit his support.

24th District representative

Jodi Wilke (R) defended “corporate personhood” and the right of corporations to spend their money in political ways.

Mike Chapman (D) supports the amendment and will help pass a memorial resolution for the amendment in the State Legislature.

Steve Tharinger (D) supports the amendment and will support a memorial resolution.

Jim McEntire (R), wants more clarification of the amendment’s language but agreed on the need to get big money out of politics.

Signature gatherers for I-735 discovered this is not a partisan issue.

People across the spectrum are troubled by the growing power of corporations and big money.

It’s time for all our elected officials to come on board.

Linda Brewster,

Port Townsend