LETTER: Freedom for some

Is voicing one’s dissenting opinion and beliefs a civil right protected under the First Amendment, or not?

When did expressing an opposing opinion or belief become a personal threat, deserving the label of hate speech?

What is the mindset of the masses that has decided that any personal expression not in support of their own ideology and political beliefs deserves to be silenced?

And when did not having one’s feelings hurt become any human being’s civil right?

It has become very obvious that an American’s once-protected right to freedom of speech now only belongs to those who voice words that are acceptable to liberal-minded powers that be.

Freedom for all is no longer the rule for at least half the population, no matter if one’s behavior or speech is without rancor or insults, while the other half expresses these freely.

We’re on a slippery slope downhill dear folks when such obvious discrimination and censorship is allowed to reign in every mainstream media platform and news outlet.

It is oppressive, it is wrong and it is hypocrisy by those who so gladly celebrate their own civil rights and free speech this month.

(Shhh… don’t say a word.)

Jan Hayward