LETTER: Fort Discovery plan for Tarboo Lake facility misguided

Fort Discovery Inc. has begun the pre-application process with the Jefferson County Department of Community Development to build gun ranges, barracks, helicopter pads, etc., spread over 40 acres on the shore of pristine Tarboo Lake, according to news reports.

I live in Tarboo Valley and know from experience that every shot fired in the lake area is clearly audible at my home.

We live in rural quiet, where many of my neighbors and myself have donated land along Tarboo Creek to the Jefferson Land Trust for environmental preservation.

I continue that commitment to preservation by opposing this misguided plan.

The idea of imposing a perpetual disturbance of the peace and ravaging our precious rural quiet is outrageous.

The size of this military-style training camp for up to 72 persons, according to news stories, suggests hundreds if not thousands of shots fired each day, all day long.

Why not locate this nuisance in a noisy industrial-zoned area?

Why build it out here and ruin our way of life and property values?

Why ruin the swimming, boating and fishing on Tarboo Lake with intense noise and potential lead pollution?

Michael Halverson,