LETTER: Father should appreciate president’s efforts to get son out of Chinese jail

Right on, high five, son.

This seems to be the message given from an “out of touch” father, LaVar Ball to his son, LiAngelo, and to many other young people in our country.

In the eyes of people of all ages, Ball has justified his son’s stealing “other people’s property” as a small thing, compared to what he has seen in Los Angeles, Calif., according to news reports.

So what, Pops?

Your son broke the law in another country and they have laws.

Respect them.

It sounds like the Ball family is seeking to set up businesses in China.

If they do so, you can bet 9-1-1 would be called if someone stole from them.

Pops, do our young people of all races a favor and send the right message that any theft is a crime and has consequences.

Sometimes a person stealing other people’s property is not so lucky to see the inside of a jail, but will feel the fatal sting from a bullet.

LaVar Ball denies President Donald Trump did his son and the two other University of California Los Angeles basketball players a favor, bringing them home and helping them dodge 10 years of prison in China, also according to media reports.

Ball assumes because of possible business dealing with China, China has to bow to them.

A wake up call, Pops.

The Balls’ business plans, “Big Baller,” are small-time compared to what the USA can do with and for China.

LaVar, be a big boy and thank our president, and learn to be a little more humble.

Shirley Berg,