LETTER: Fact-Free Diet the healthiest way to reduce your Intelligence Quotient

For years, health advisers have advocated following a proper diet.

We have all heard the admonitions, such as “you are what you eat,” “too much of this will hurt you” and “too little of that is not good.”

The key message is that a healthful, well-rounded diet is best.

As we have seen, however, this intense focus on physical nutrition has led to an array of fad diets such as the South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, fat-free diets and beyond.

While each one has merit, no one diet routine is healthful all by itself.

Today, a new and amazingly effective diet is exploding across America.

The Fact-Free Diet craze, created by fact-free media darlings like Karl Christian Rove, Alexander Emerick Jones and Rush Hudson Limbaugh III and sold through fact-free outlets such as Fox News, Infowars.com and Breitbart.com, is one of the most effective diets ever seen.

The results for those trying it have been astounding.

In as little as two weeks, followers of this diet plan can completely lose the ability to think cognitively and to distinguish or process facts.

A user’s ability to repeat only things heard from the diet outlets grows exponentially.

The Fact-Free Diet has been proven to help users lose 30 [percent], 40 [percent], even 50 percent of their Intelligence Quotient virtually overnight.

Happily, the only harmful side effects include an allergy to real news and repeated utterances of the words “snowflake,” “biased media” and “make America great again.”

When asked about the side effects, the sales outlets responded, “We’re working on it.”

I wonder if addiction to this diet is a pre-existing condition under Obamacare?

Myles Cowan,

Port Angeles