LETTER: Exploiting issue

For several years, we’ve all been outraged by the homeless encampments that are plaguing Port Angeles.

Until a few months ago, the public was blaming anyone and everyone: the economy, law enforcement officers and prosecuting attorneys who aren’t doing their jobs, liberal judges, and local elected officials.

Meanwhile, a conservative Clallam County organization, the Independent Advisory Association (IAA) has been working to get conservatives elected to local positions.

They’re claiming at least partial credit for getting three current city council members, including the mayor, elected to the Sequim City Council and now they have the Port Angeles City Council in their sights.

I’m guessing most Port Angeles voters do not want to emulate the well-publicized political direction Sequim has taken.

What was the IAA to do?

Find a local issue that’s been tearing the town apart for years, and then exploit and demagogue this issue to the max.

Turn the Port Angeles City Council into a scapegoat for this complex problem.

Crystallize all this public anger and frustration and create a groundswell of fury toward the city council.

Mission accomplished.

As countless conversations and arguments have indicated, a lot of voters are directing their outrage at the Port Angeles City Council.

It’s all their fault.

Replace these city council members with some true conservatives, like with the Sequim City Council, and we’ll Make Port Angeles Great Again.

Do you really believe we can solve Port Angeles’ long-running problems just by putting different people on the city council?

Don’t believe the hype.

Tom Harper

Port Angeles

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