LETTER: Election law

Kudos to House Democrats for passing HR 1.

It is especially good regarding changes to election laws.

H.R.1 limits the influence of wealthy donors, implements a 6-to-1 match for small-dollar donations, restructures the Federal Election Commission, strengthens the prohibition against super PAC-candidate coordination, creates new rules for online political ads, and attempts to end dark money in U.S. elections.

A new Bloomberg poll shows that Americans of all political persuasions want to get money out of politics.

We don’t like it when corporate special interests take over government or the election process.

H.R.1 is a great start; however, it does not address corporate personhood.

Also, we must remember that legislation can be overturned by the Supreme Court like it was in Citizens United v. FEC.

Therefore, a permanent solution requires the passing of the “We the People Amendment,” HJR 48, which mimics I-735, overwhelmingly approved by voters in Washington State in 2016 by 63 percent, passing in every Congressional district.

Rep. Derek Kilmer has again endorsed this amendment.

Now we need a senator to sponsor it.

Please contact Sens. Murray and Cantwell and encourage them to step up to the plate and advance the popular political revolution against corporate power.

Jackie Aase

Port Townsend

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