LETTER: Election has exposed Jefferson Healthcare commission’s dysfunction

What normally is a pretty mundane Jefferson Healthcare hospital commission has now been self-exposed since Cheri Van Hoover started doorbelling for a seat at the table.

It is clear her professional background and her incredible knowledge of health care policy and issues would rattle the staid longtime members of the board. They might have a new member who knows something and — surprise! — somebody they can work with.

Why are board members and hospital staff circling the wagons for “their” candidate? Cheri on numerous public occasions has dramatically voiced her support for Mike Glenn.

Then there is our recent exposure to the commission’s dysfunctionality and pettiness, according to news reports. It convinces me some of folks on the board whom I have known for years maybe shouldn’t be on the commission, either.

Cheri has repeatedly stated and demonstrated she is a healer, a collaborator, a mediator and wants to work with everyone.

I am voting for Cheri Van Hoover and please join me in healing the hospital commission. Get this commission well soon.

George B. Yount,

Port Townsend