LETTER: Education the key to proper gun-owning responsibility, not legislation

To comment on the letter “Gun control action” in the Oct. 12 edition of the Peninsula Daily News, first, my heart grieves for all the victims in the Las Vegas shooting, and I offer the greatest sympathy and condolences for their families and hope the survivors can successfully cope with the trauma.

It appears the letter writer’s diatribe is taken directly out of Michael Bloomberg’s “handbook.”

Bloomberg is the wealthy anti-gun ex-mayor of New York City.

The letter writer focused on the gun, an inanimate object, which takes a person for violence.

With instruction and training in the safe use of a firearm, it’s a tool for hunting, recreation and self-defense.

We should understand and accept the concept “rights imply responsibilities,” referring to “the gun lobby and its fanatic supporters.”

Unfortunately, there’s a bad apple in every bushel.

When that bad apple is a psychopath, violence results.

The writer states gun violence is a uniquely American tragedy.

What about all the incidents of genocide that have occurred throughout history in other countries?

Also, mass shootings occur in other countries — not always noteworthy enough to be mentioned by our mainstream media. The lists are too long to mention.

There is plenty of reasonable gun legislation.

With commitment and determination, we can educate the people on the proper use and safe handling of firearms.

Roger M. Foszcz,

Port Angeles