LETTER: ‘Duh, Hey!’ awards go to dollar-driven entities contributing to salmon’s demise

It’s awards season again, folks.

That’s the “Duh, Hey!”awards in particular.

It’s been awhile, so here we go.

Our first Duh, Hey! this year goes to all of the dollar-driven entities that are responsible for the demise and possible extermination of the mighty Pacific salmon.

Thus far, the salmon have withstood a vicious onslaught and devious plans to (apparently) kill them all by any means available, starting with our pollution of the world sea, followed by mass nettings by hooks or by crooks, overestimates of numbers of salmon available, home-stream disruption, infighting among interest groups and competition with “the rest of the fishing world.”

The worst and most brutally shameful endeavor is the disallowing (through greed) of three complete life cycles (or more) of each and every salmon subspecies to go untouched and thus be given the chance to remain alive upon the planet.

Congratulations to all for your determination and a hearty “Duh, hey!”

We — that’s me and you — can live without eating Pacific salmon for even seven or more years, especially if an entire species’ existence could depend upon it.

Remember the warning that salmon are in trouble?

I’m quite certain that more “Duh, Hey!” awards are on the horizon.

Until then, keep your wit about you.

Gregory S. Houghton,

Port Angeles